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Amateur Radio Station
Click on the picture below to read the Setup and Use Guide.pdf 


CLICK here : Download setup JT65-HF1093.zip (Free HAM software for Terrestrial JT65A mode by W6CQZ)

CLICK here : Download setup JT65-HF1070.zip (Previous version of JT65-HF by W6CQZ)

CLICK here : Download setup JT65-HF1060.zip (Previous version of JT65-HF by W6CQZ)

CLICK here : Download setup JT65-HF1051.zip (Previous version of JT65-HF by W6CQZ)

CLICK here : Download JT-Alert-2.4.10 by VK3AMA (Generates alert sounds for your decodes 

and enables JT65-HF and WSJT-X to interoperate with DXKeeper, Spot Collector, HRDLog5/6, Log4OM, MixW2 and Standard ADIF 2.2 file)

JT65A requires the exact PC time synchronism : install a software like SP TimeSync


CLICK here :  View some PTT & Audio Interfaces for JT65-HF 

CLICK here :  View JT65A current Spots 

GL es enjoy JT65A !!!

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